I disappeared!

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Long time no post! I’ve been busy – not doing so much microthinking 🙂



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I think it is a bit scary – but I get edgy after being on vacation for too long. I love having a break from work and school but at the same time I want to get back to work after a little while.


Graduate school…

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If you are thinking about going to grad school – definitely do it. It will open up opportunities that you would not otherwise have…


Be aware that grad school is not like college. It is HARD work, ALL the time. You have to balance a job – often a graduate assistantship which means you are working long hours for little pay – with classes, and tons of other responsibilities. You will be jealous of your friends who got BAs and now have normal jobs and lives where nobody asks them to write a 30 page paper in a week while working full time and attending other classes.

Grad school, and assistantships can be extremely rewarding – and I really do enjoy it. But, there are some days when I just want to pull all my hair out 🙂

For more information and helpful tips, buy this book and read it:

It’s good to be a CEO…

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Imagine, your company is failing and the only way out is a multi-billion dollar government bailout. Of course, the only logical way to go is to hope the taxpayers will save your company while you continue to collect your massive salary… right?

$1.6 billion went to bailed-out bank execs


Protests in Greece…

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These protests in Greece – if you can call them protests – are really starting to get on my nerves… I understand that it is sad when people are killed, especially if those people are young, but randomly rioting and looting is most certianly not the appropriate response.

Check this out: Greek “protestors” hurl firebombs at police

When is this going to end?

Why are we still listening to this guy?

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WTF? Joe the “Plumber” (AKA, Joe the guy who illegally does some plumbing work on the side but doesn’t have a license or pay taxes) now has a book out? Why does anybody care what this guy thinks?!?!!?

“Joe the Plumber trashes McCain in a new book”

He seems confused as well – first he loved McCain, but noe hw hates him and loves Palin… Does he know that neither of them won the election?

The Rod gets it!

•December 9, 2008 • 1 Comment

Rod Blagojevegenavich was arrested today for being a douchebag. Two thoughts:

I hate how smug he looks on TV.
… and…
I’m sad for the damage that he has caused in people’s trust in their public officials.

I just hope the next guy is better than he was.