People still do LSD?

Apparently acid is still a drug that people use? That is messed up – I thought the 70s were over? The best part is that the people in question here were all 18 year olds…

Where does one even go to buy this stuff? Or is this common knowledge and I’m just out of the loop?



~ by the blogger on October 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “People still do LSD?”

  1. I’ve tried a fair amount of drugs and can honestly say that LSD is what’s up. A lot of stuff will make your heart beat faster or slower, leave you craving stuff, etc. but LSD is just something else. The only reason no one promotes it, in my opinion, is because they can’t make a ton of money off from it. Human beings haven’t changed very much since the 70’s. Our society has. Why promote neo-conservatism? And above all, don’t knock it until you rock it. 🙂

  2. Hmm – is it possible to be amazed at 18 year olds dropping acid without being a neocon? I think so.

    I would hardly call myself a conservative – but I still think it is interesting that LSD is still something that is used given that is is now so unpopular.

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